Handbook » Campus & Classroom Rules

Campus & Classroom Rules

Students are not to be issued a hall pass during any class unless that student is WEARING a valid student ID badge.

Each Teacher is responsible for establishing individual classroom rules and procedures.  The following are campus wide rules that are in addition to the rules established by the teacher. 

Students are to be in class on time BEFORE the tardy bell rings.

Students are to refrain from making comments to or about classmates that may lead to a disruptive situation on the campus.

At the end of a class period the TEACHER dismisses the class NOT the bell.  Students are to remain in their seat until dismissed by the teacher.

Students are not permitted to be in or in close proximity to any of the following areas of the Bradley Central High School campus during school hours or when there are scheduled activities on campus unless under the direct supervision of their teacher or other assigned adult supervisor.

Any staff, visitor, or student parking lot. (The only exception being those students who have a valid pass from the attendance office).

Any gym stairs, any athletic football field, baseball field, tennis courts, track, softball field and/or soccer.

Any custodial area or area such as, storage area and electrical rooms.

Any unoccupied classroom or laboratory room.

The use of walk ways around the outside of buildings B, E and the bus ramp are prohibited class change. The front of the school is off limits.