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Tennessee Scholars Program

In addition to meeting all State Board of Education graduation requirements, Tennessee Scholars must complete the following course requirements:
  • 4 English courses (Regular English and above)
  • 4 Mathematics courses (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry and one higher level course)
  • 3 Science courses (Biology I, Chemistry, Physics (recommended and preferred)
  • 3 History/Government/Geography/ Economics courses
  • 1 Wellness
  • 0.5 Personal Finance
  • 1 Fine Arts
  • 2 Foreign Language courses in the same language
  • 2 Career Technical Education courses
  • Dual credit, AP, and Cambridge are accepted (Online courses are acceptable)

Additional Expectations:
  • 80 hours of Community Service (Class of 2013 and Beyond)
  • Overall "C" average in all Tennessee Scholar Courses
  • 95% attendance (cannot miss more than 36 total days in 4 years of High School)
  • No out-of school suspensions

For further assistance and to pick-up an application, visit your counseling Department.