Handbook » Student Records Annual Notification of Rights

Student Records Annual Notification of Rights


(Board Policy 6.601)


Within the first three weeks of each school year, the school system will notify parents of students and eligible students* of each student’s privacy rights. For students enrolling after the above period, this information shall be given to the student’s parents or the eligible student at the time of enrollment.


The student’s parent or the eligible student has the right to:

  1. Inspect and review the student’s education records;
  2. Seek correction of items in the record which are believed to be inaccurate, misleading or in violation of the student’s rights, including the right to a hearing upon request;
  3. File a complaint with the appropriate state and federal officials when the school system violates laws and regulations relative to student records;
  4. Obtain a copy of this policy and copy of the student’s educational records;
  5. Exercise control over other people’s access to the records, except when prior written consent is given, or under circumstances as provided by law or regulations, or where the school system has designated certain information as “directory information.” Parents of students or eligible students have two weeks after notification to advise the school system in writing of items they designate not to be used as directory information. The records custodian shall mark the appropriate student records for which directory information is to be limited, and this designation shall remain in effect until it is modified by the written direction of the student’s parents or the eligible student.