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Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Terminology

AICE Means

The AICE acronym denotes the Advanced International Certificate of Education level of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). The IGCSE (Pre-AICE) denotes International General Certificate of Secondary Education.

The AICE Course of Study

The AICE course of study offers candidates international pre-university preparation. AICE is part of the Cambridge Assessment Group, a not-for-profit organization, and department of the University of Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. The pre-AICE courses offered primarily during ninth and tenth grade, prepare students for AICE-level (college level) courses. Students will be offered their first AICE level courses in eleventh grade. Every AICE-level course concludes with a Cambridge exam. Students may earn college credit for passing scores in every AICE-level exam that is passed with an international grade of A, B, C, D, or E. These high-level courses are the most rigorous courses available to students at Bradley Central High School and one of the most rigorous across the world.

Cambridge is Known Internationally

More than 10,000 schools offer Cambridge programs worldwide. Cambridge operates in 160 countries across 6 regions: Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, and Southern Africa. Over 150 schools in Florida and over 200 across the U.S. offer the Cambridge Program, while more are added each year. The 800th anniversary of Cambridge University was celebrated in 2009, and Cambridge Assessment, which is the world’s largest provider of international examinations, celebrates 157 years in 2015. More than 500 private and colleges and universities across the United States accept AICE (AS/A-Level) credits-by exam (see

Acceptance to Cambridge at Bradley

In eighth grade, students complete an application for AICE through the guidance department at Bradley Central High School. Application deadlines are available at Bradley Central High School and decision notifications are sent out via mail.

Optimal Indicators for Success in the AICE Program

  • Students who have successfully completed of Algebra I or Core Math I (not required, but recommended highly)
  • Students who earn solid A’s or B’s
  • Students who are highly motivated to achieve academic excellence and are willing and able to accept the challenges required for advanced level courses
  • Students who secure positive teacher recommendations
  • Students who are willing to complete assignments beyond the regular school day

Course Requirements for AICE

Students in AICE level course who seek to earn a Cambridge diploma must successfully complete at least seven (7) AICE-level courses and all exams, from three (3) subject categories in addition to the Core - Global Perspectives. The three (3) categories include: 1) Math/Science, 2) Language, and 3) Arts & Humanities.

AICE Courses are Rigorous

AICE courses are college-level courses, emphasizing more analytical reasoning, collaboration and research with a heavy emphasis on clear, concise writing skills. Because these courses require a higher-level analysis than the typical high school course, students can expect to learn at a faster pace and to spend more time studying than other high school courses.

AICE and Advanced Placement (AP)

Cambridge candidates choose courses that emphasize their areas of academic strength. Students enjoy the flexibility to pursue other areas of interest as well, rather than requiring every student to take the same courses, at the same level in all subjects. Although the rigor and academic expectations of an AICE course are at the highest level, AICE courses do not emphasize rote memorization as much as immersion in the subject utilizing critical analysis reasoning and writing skills.

AICE Homework

Many students who have never had to spend much time studying in middle school find in order to be a successful Cambridge candidate, they must put fourth more effort. Students can expect an average of 90 to 120 minutes of homework per night. Students will need to be committed to nightly studying and completing allassignments. Last minute “cramming” for exams is never recommended and does not bring successful results.

AICE and College Admissions

Nationally, AICE students report frequently that colleges award additional admissions points for the academic rigor of pre-AICE and AICE level courses taken in high school, preferring that students challenge themselves with the AICE-level course and examination process over standard or honors courses. Regardless of student’s AICE exam score, some college admissions boards are more interested in a student’s performance in the student’s overall performance in the subject coursework when admission decisions are made.

Course Syllabus

AICE courses follow a course syllabus designed by Cambridge International Examinations.

Cambridge in Tennessee

In April 2015 the Tennessee Board of Education recognized Cambridge as a career path for Tennessee graduates. Students graduating as a candidate for the Cambridge AICE diploma are awarded a Tennessee Diploma with distinction.

Professional Learning for Cambridge Teachers

On-going specialized training for AICE teachers is provided by Cambridge International Examinations. Teachers attend professional learning opportunities to understand the course, grading, and exam requirements necessary to effectively present, facilitate, and guide candidates toward successful completion of the course.