Bradley County Schools introduces School Pass

Bradley County Schools has contracted with SchoolPass to implement the new system - designed explicitly for PK-12 schools. Visitors, volunteers, vendors, and students who are late or leaving early sign in and out via an intuitive mobile or web-based app. Each visitor can be screened against the national sex offender list, and alerts are sent to administration and staff for risks. Customizable badges with photos are automatically printed at visitor check-in, and robust reporting allows BCHS, WVHS, and PIE Center to see who is on campus, why, and for how long. Not only will this new system improve the safety of our schools and streamline the check-in/check-out process, it will enable the district to effectively communicate with everyone in a building in the event of an emergency.

With SchoolPass, a visitor will sign in on an iPad at the main entrance, where they will use either their state-issued driver’s license or their unique digital ID, enter their destination, and a visitor badge with their photo will print immediately. The Bradley County Schools staff member whom they are visiting will be notified by email and text message of their arrival when signed in. For repeat visitors, we can issue digital IDs/mobile wallets, QuickPins, and QR/barcodes to efficiently check in and check out of a building. 

Staff and parents will receive an email from SchoolPass with their digital ID that they can save on their smartphone wallet (similar to a mobile boarding pass) that will allow them to check in and out seamlessly when they visit a building. Parents and staff who don’t use or have access to a smartphone will also be provided a QuickPin ID number to allow for seamless check-in and out. All parents, as well as high school students, will receive their unique digital ID during the week of September 18th.  

Special Note: In most cases, Synergy, our Student Information System, will only pull one parent per student. Parents have the option in the School Pass app to add additional drivers/parents to the School Pass platform. Due to the way the data comes from Synergy, School Pass may attach the wrong parent's name to the parent's cell phone. If you wish to attach a different name to the primary account, please contact the school to reverse the names in our SIS.

If students are from a split household, you may have to contact the school to attach the second parent to the student account. The first parent listed in our SIS will be the primary contact in School Pass. The second parent would either have to be attached by the primary parent or the school can create a School Pass account for the second parent. When in doubt, please contact your school.

It is important to note that the only information Bradley County Schools will access and store in this new system is the visitor’s first name, last name, date of birth, photo, and visit information (time, date, who they visited, and reason for visit).

Because of the nature of the PIE Center and our Student Information System, both BCHS and WVHS parents will receive an invitation from both their home high school and the PIE Center. Only parents of PIE Center students will need to create the PIE Center account.

On September 18th, we will send emails and digital IDs to parents, students, and teachers. The email will have login information to access the School Pass site. If you need to update your email address in our SIS, please contact the school to ensure you receive the Welcome Email from School Pass. If you did not receive the email, please contact your school.

For more information about SchoolPass, visit

Thank you for your support as we work to keep our schools a safe and welcoming place for students, staff, and families.

Here are some helpful videos on how to use the School Pass app:

App Download & Login Steps -

Updating Your Profile in the App -

Adding & Removing Drivers in the App -

Making Bus Changes in the App -

Making Early Pickup Changes in the App -

Making Late Arrival Changes in the App -

Making Absence Changes in the App -