Handbook » Cafeteria


The school cafeteria prepares a variety of items that are priced on an individual basis.  Food purchased in the snack bar and cafeteria is to be eaten only in those areas.  Free and reduced lunch is available with proper documentation.  See cafeteria personnel for fee waiver and free/reduced lunch forms.  The cost of a regular lunch is $2.25.  The cost for breakfast is $1.25.  According to Bradley County Board Policy, a maximum of three cumulative charges will be allowed per person.  No child will be denied a school lunch.  The student may be given a sandwich and milk until charges are paid.  In the event a check written to the school's cafeteria is returned due to insufficient funds, a parent will be notified and payment will be expected in cash. Visitors will not be allowed to bring in food during third period.
Every student must report to the cafeteria during his or her assigned lunch period.  No student is to leave the cafeteria without written permission. No cafeteria items are allowed outside the cafeteria.  STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE OUTSIDE FOOD DELIVERED TO THEM.  Leaving trash at a table will result in disciplinary action and having to help clean the dining hall.