Handbook » Discipline


All students at Bradley Central High School are expected to reflect high standards of conduct in their appearance, behavior, and conduct themselves in a manner conducive to the smooth and orderly operation of school. Furthermore, intelligent self-direction is encouraged and developed. Students should show respect and consideration for their peers and all members of the school staff. This respect should extend to personal and school property. A student exhibiting exemplary conduct is one who supports the important business of learning through his/her mature behavior in all school related activities on and off campus, and who avoids any situation that might lead to the interruption of the learning process. Discipline will be addressed based upon the degree of violations. Repeated offenses will warrant more severe action than first offenses.

Any major disturbance to the educational process which requires administrative action above and beyond this will be to the discretion of administration and can result in a disciplinary hearing. Laser pointers and anything that attracts undue attention will NOT be allowed on campus. These items may be confiscated by administration and kept a minimum of three days. A parent may be required to claim the above mentioned items.

These rules and regulations are covered by TCA 49-1039, 39-4901, and 52-1201. All of the stated rules and regulations have been adopted by the Bradley Central High School Disciplinary Committee and Bradley County Board of Education.


Administrators are responsible for the discipline of the following students. 

Mr. Day.                       Ext. 3005         Special Education Liaison           

Mr. McMahan              Ext. 3067         Business Academy

Mrs. Neely                   Ext. 3016         Humanities Academy

Mr. Rich                       Ext. 3010         Freshman Academy

Dr. Wiggins                  Ext. 3027         STEM Academy