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Dress Code

Bradley Central High School



The BCHS dress code encourages an atmosphere of school pride, scholarship, and productivity which is important for providing quality education. Dress and grooming must be modest, clean, and decent, not drawing attention to the individual or distracting from learning.  It is the student’s and parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure that the student arrives at school in compliance with the dress code.  Students out of dress code will receive consequences in accordance with Bradley County policy.


  • All students are expected to abide by the standardized student dress.
  • Violations that are fixable will be corrected at the time the violation occurs without missing class.
  • Repeated violations will result in disciplinary consequences.
  • If a student arrives at school and refuses to comply with the standardized dress, he/she will not be allowed to attend classes. The student will be isolated until the parent is called to bring appropriate clothing for the student.
  • If a parent or guardian has a question regarding a particular item, please seek clarification from the school administration before wearing the item.
  • Excessive piercings and hair color will not be acceptable.
  • Any type of clothing that advertises depicts or displays alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, illegal substances, profanity, sexual innuendos, gang identification clothing or paraphernalia, racially/religiously inflammatory language or pictures of any kind is strictly prohibited.


  • All shirts must have a minimum of a three-inch sleeve.
  • Students may wear t-shirts. If a t-shirt is worn it is to be a shirt that has a direct relationship to Bradley Central and/or appropriate for the learning environment.  Layering is acceptable as long as this meets the criteria and remains on throughout the day. Unacceptable items include but are not limited to, shirts that acknowledge other secondary schools.
  • Tops, shirts, blouses, and dresses must completely cover the abdomen, back, shoulders, and cleavage. 
  • Unacceptable items include (but are not limited to) items with a low neckline and see-through material.


  • Shorts, skirts, skorts, and dresses must approach the knees (hand length)
  • Stretch pants, spandex, leather, yoga pants are acceptable (shirt must cover)
  • Pajama pants and fleece are not allowed
  • Holes are allowed if at the knee or below



  • No trench coats 



  • Clothing or accessories that identify a student as belonging/affiliated with, a non-school sponsored group, or displaying illegal/contraband/inappropriate items.
  • Hats, headwear, sunglasses, do-rags, bandanas, gloves, beads, beaded attire, blankets.  This list is not all-inclusive.
**In matters of opinion, the decision of the school will prevail. **