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Student Identification Cards

In the interest of campus safety and security, all students are required to wear a current Bradley Central High School identification badge. (Badges will be available after (Fall pictures) around Labor Day).  Students reporting to school without an ID Badge will be issued a replacement at the student expense.  The ID badge is to be worn at all times while students are on school grounds.  The ID must be worn with the provided lanyard around the neck and outside the clothing. It must be readily seen and identified as a current Bradley Central identification badge.  Replacement badge will be charge to the student at $5.00 each.  Students should not write or place anything on the ID. Teachers or administration will confiscate those ID's that become damaged (whether purposefully or not).  New students will receive an identification  badge upon enrollment at the school. Students are responsible for the replacements of this badge in the event it is lost or damaged beyond use.  Replacement ID Badges will be issued in the Media Center.  Students must pay for all fines/charges before grades cards, senior diplomas and/or student transcripts.