Handbook » Parking



arking permits will be sold to students during Orientation and in the Attendance Office (A-30). Students must have the following documentation in order to register their vehicle and purchase a Parking Permit.

  1. Current BCHS ID Badge.
  2. Valid Drivers’ License
  3. Tag Number 
  4. $60.00




The Parking Permit MUST be hung from the rearview mirror. Logo and number must face toward the front windshield (outward). This permit MUST be clearly visible at all times the vehicle is on campus. If a student should drive a different vehicle from time to time, the student MUST still follow the parking permit procedure. If a student’s parking permit is LOST or STOLEN, the student is responsible for replacing it immediately. Replacement permits cost $5.00. Parking on campus is a privilege and not a right, and as a result, parking privileges can be revoked for school rule infractions, excessive absenteeism, and safety – related issues. Student parking is restricted to the areas of the parking lot designated for student use. Students parking in any other area on campus are subject to disciplinary action, loss of parking privilege, traffic citation issued by local law enforcement, and/or towing of the vehicle at owner’s expense. Upon arrival on campus in parking areas, students MUST exit the vehicle. Transporting students off campus who are not authorized to leave will result in loss of parking privileges. Students are not permitted in any parking lot during school hours without a pass from the Attendance Office (A-30). Bradley Central High School will not be responsible for loss, damage or theft. The owner assumes full responsibility.



1st OFFENSE - Parent/Guardian Phone Call and Warning

2nd OFFENSE - Parent/Guardian Phone Call, Ticket/Discipline and/or Fine 

3rd OFFENSE - Loss of driving privileges